About us

Our company was established in 2013 with main goal to provide maintenance services for conveyors and provide a full range of materials, tools and equipment supply for our customers.


The main priorities of our company are –


– Service solutions in the field of:


Conveyor equipment services (repair, splicing, pulley lagging, etc.)


Protection against abrasion, adherence, corrosion, and also from noise



– Preparation of materials:


Calculation and cutting of pulley lagging plates


Calculation and preparation of splicing packages



– Supply:


Materials, equipment, tools and special devices for repair and splicing of conveyor belts


Components for belt conveyors (conveyor belt, drums and conveyor rollers, lagging for drums, etc.)


Materials for protection against wear, adherence, corrosion and noise


– Consultations and personal training in the field :


Conveyor equipment maintenance services


Protection against abrasion, adherence, corrosion, and noise




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