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The CORD CONTROL system is a computer measuring system analysing the condition of conveyor belt splices.  Its principle of operation is a precise measurement and comparison of distances between several points to determine the length of the conveyor belt splice.  This allows you to select a given splice and monitor it at each conveyor belt revolution.  The points defining the length measured are special-structure permanent magnets.

The CORD CONTROL measurement computer system comprises magnetic field sensors and pulse-meter (measurement of the distance covered), a measuring transducer and a microprocessor which make a control system.  A data transmission and processing system comprises a PC and network wiring system.  The elements which define the conveyor belt measurement points are permanent magnets which are installed in a monitored belt on the opposite sides of the splices.  Depending on the belt width, the magnets may be installed in two or a maximum of four places.  This also limits the number of magnetic field sensors; there may be 2-4 of them.  The magnets installed are of 10 mm diameter and hight, thus they can be installed in any belt thicker than 12 mm.

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